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Monday, January 23, 2012

Wonderful Prosaics

 prosaic = commonplace or ordinary

A term coined by contemporary literary philosopher Gary Saul Morson to capture "a way of thinking about human events that focuses on the ordinary, messy, quotidian facts of daily life—in short, on the prosaic. Cloaked in their very ordinariness, the prosaic events that truly shape our lives—that truly are our lives—escape our notice." *

It may be that our most prosaic events, those with father and mother, are the least discernible and the most critical in shaping our lives.

I found this beautiful magazine called Seeing the Everyday. It inspired me to look a little more carefully at what ordinary shapes my life and my family.

*Morson, Gary Saul. "Prosaics: An approach to the humanities." American Scholar (Autumn 1988): 515-528


  1. oh yes, look & listen closely to the everyday miracles - they are often very subtle, and then g o n e ...
    love you

  2. It's crazy how you can turn every day things into something special, something that make people smile. love you mom
    -Jules ❤❤❤