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Monday, April 8, 2013

Food Dept.- Trader Joe's

Hi Guys. Here is another wonderful hidden gem I shoved into the cart at Trader Joe's. The thing about Trader Joe's is, my friends always tell me what to get. I have been going there forever, yet someone will always surprise me with a " you have to try ...". So this time I grabbed some Yogurt Stars. I've seen them before and have always loved the package, but by the time I hit the freezer section with an overflowing cart they never make the cut. This time they did!

These sweet little stars are super cute and addicting. They are "Yogurt" Stars, so they are kinda good for you right? My daughter and I made a carrot cake, (another good for you item) and decorated the frosting with the stars.

Speaking of frosting, we used T.J.'s Baker Josef's white frosting (this one is no secret). For that decadent cream cheese flavor we substituted the butter for cream cheese.

Our cake turned out sweet and was the perfect little Thank You gift for some friends of ours!
Do you have any Trader Joe's secrets? Please share!
xo, cherish