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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Smores

Here is one last shout out to summer and a sweet Halloween welcome. I feel like smores are a total summer dessert, with roasting marshmallows and campfires and all. They are just so good. We made these for a bake sale at a neighborhood pumpkin patch, I think they fit right in.

These are easy to mass produce. Mass production is definitely something you need when making smores! We stuck them in the oven for only a couple minutes. You'll know when they are ready because the mallows puff up.  When the chocolate is shiny and the mallows are toasted pull them out and smash them together. Put the stick in and let them cool for a few hours in the fridge. You may need to try one when you think they are stiff enough to go for a dip, just to make sure they are ready. Then melt the dipping chocolate, dip, sprinkle, and cool again in the fridge. They set up nicely.

Possibilities are endless for toppings. These smore pops are perfect way to kick off Fall festivities while saying farewell to summer. Enjoy!


  1. great shots, but they made me droool! did you save me one??? Gotta make these again for the holidays. love you