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Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY Bookcover

credit: Pugley Pixel template

Here is a great way to re purpose a paper bag. We made a book cover old school style for my daughters school book, then added duct tape to modernize it. Here's how:

1. Supplies: paper bag, scissors, book, duct tape, and ruler.
2. Cut down one side of bag then cut bottom out.
  •  Lay bag flat with logo facing inside ( if you do not want logo to show).
  •  Put book in the middle of bag. Fold the top down and make a crease at top of book.
  •  Repeat for bottom.
  • Take book off and fold top and bottom flaps at crease.
  • Put book back in center of paper, it should fit nicely lengthwise.
  • Fold left side of paper over book to cover the front of book. 
  • Fold again at the edge of the book.
  • Slide the hard cover page of the book inside the folded cover.
  • Repeat on back side.
3. Tape edges of paper bag closed so the bag doesn't open up.
4. Use duct tape to decorate the outside, get creative!
Have Fun!
xo, c.f.

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