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Monday, June 28, 2010

Wonder What To Make

    We started out making the typical pine cone bird feeder but soon discovered that it fed much more than just the birds.

Basic materials needed:
  • Pine cone or the likes
  • Seed
  • Peanut Butter
Optional materials:

  • Something to spread peanut butter
  • Book about topic (we used Stranger in the Woods)
  • String to hang feeder
  1. Read Book
  2. Smear, paint, clump, and spread peanut butter on pine cone ( A good time to ask the children why we are using peanut butter and what the best tool for application is?)
  3. Sprinkle, stuff, and pat seeds into pine cone
  4. Ask what kind of bird they might see eating from the feeder ( this is a great opportunity to pull out a book about birds.)
  5. You can also explore the idea of other animals using the feeder. 
   Our observations lasted about a week. We noticed our bird feeder actually became a squirrel feeder. We observed the squirrel up close while it ate the pine cone. We noticed how animals use their hands as tools just as we did in making the feeder. In the end we think a sneaky rat stole the pine cone and ran away with it. Unfortunately, we did not see any birds.

1 comment:

  1. Tell my Little Man that I have a lot of extra pine cones, if he wants to try this again!